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USA introduced anti-drone drone with microwave emitter


The American company Lockheed Martin has created the MORFIUS anti-drone drone equipped with an HPM microwave emitter.

The goal of MORFIUS is to fight against groups of other drones. The device weighs about 13.6 kilograms. To launch it into the sky, you need a pipe installation with a diameter of 15.2 centimeters. It, in turn, can be placed both on ground vehicles and on helicopters.

According to Lockheed Martin, the combined power of the MORFIUS drone group's microwave emitters can be as high as one gigawatt. This is enough to disable enemy drones over a wide area.

After the destruction of the drones, MORFIUS can independently return to the launch site. It is also reported that the drone can be used for reconnaissance. Unfortunately, other details about the new product are unknown.

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