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Japanese company created edible beer mugs


Japanese brewing company Asahi Breweries created and launched the edible Mog Cup to reduce plastic waste, its website says .

They are made from baked potato starch. The manufacturer claims that the cups can hold liquid at room temperature for about an hour. The containers are available in different sizes (S, M and L) and flavors. For example, you can purchase a cup flavored with chocolate or shrimp cracker.

Mugs are sold in ten pieces, and a set starts at ¥ 1,150 ($ 10.60). “We are introducing a new style of food consumption that replaces disposable containers with eco-friendly, naturally recyclable ones,” Asahi said in a statement.

Earlier, Diageo decided to change the packaging of the iconic Johnnie Walker whiskey. From 2021, alcohol will be produced in paper bottles. The decision to change the packaging is dictated by concern for the environment, since the paper bottle can be completely recycled.

Earlier it was reported that on the territory of Russia, as well as other member countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), it was decided to ban the use of disposable plastic. This measure is included in the strategy for the development of Eurasian economic integration until 2025.

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