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2.9 tons of garbage were thrown into space. This is a record

 Researchers have thrown a record amount of debris into space. NASA is confident that they will not threaten other devices.

The ISS threw out 2.9 tons of space debris - used batteries. It is the most massive object the station has ever ejected, NASA notes. Researchers want to tow space debris to Earth, but before that it will "burn harmlessly in the atmosphere."

According to NASA staff, this object will not cause any harm, they are confident that the batteries will not collide with other space objects. At the same time, specialists will continue to monitor its trajectory.

New batteries were delivered to the ISS back in May 2020. The mission to eject old batteries has been planned for several months, since there are several satellites near the station.

Now, in the region of low near-earth orbits, up to heights of about 2 thousand km, there are, according to various estimates, about 220 thousand man-made objects with a total mass of up to 5 thousand tons.

Based on statistical estimates, it is concluded that the total number of such objects over 1 cm can reach 60–100 thousand.

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