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Eyewitnesses filmed massive volcanic eruption in Indonesia

 On Monday, August 10, on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, the Sinabung volcano once again became active. Eyewitnesses captured on video a powerful release of ash, with which he reminded of his existence.

Indonesian island of Sumatra, the Sinabung volcano

According to local media reports , a dense ash cloud rose to a height of about seven and a half kilometers above sea level (about five thousand meters from the peak of the mountain). The authorities have limited access to the territory adjacent to the volcano by three to five kilometers.

There is no talk of evacuating nearby settlements yet, people are advised to use protective masks and to closely monitor the possible appearance of lava in dangerous proximity to their homes.

The Sinabung volcano, believed to be dormant for about 400 years, became more active in 2010. From this moment on, eruptions occur regularly, accompanied by the outburst of ash and lava.

Streams of hot volcanic mass repeatedly destroyed the surrounding villages, and forced local residents to temporarily move to safer places. Over the past ten years, several dozen people have become victims of eruptions.

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