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Demonstrators in Beirut broke into the building of the Ministry of Labor

 Lebanese army warned protesters on Sunday not to go beyond peaceful protests

On Sunday, protesters in Beirut broke into the building of the Lebanese Ministry of Labor, as well as the building of the Ministry for Displaced Persons of the republic. This was announced by the Al-Hadath TV channel .

According to him, the protesters are shouting the slogan "The state is us."

The Lebanese army warned protesters on Sunday not to go beyond peaceful protests. The statement of the army command is quoted by the Al Arabiya TV channel .

"We will treat those who use violence accordingly," the appeal says.

Earlier on Sunday, Al Arabiya TV reported that in the afternoon, demonstrators began to gather again in the central streets of Beirut. According to him, calls for participation in the action were spread in the morning through social networks. By the evening, the demonstration escalated into clashes between protesters and security forces in the area where the Lebanese parliament is located. The police began using tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the protesters.

On Saturday, a demonstration took place in central Beirut, which escalated into riots. Earlier, the leader of the opposition party Kataib Sami Gemayel called for massive anti-government protests. Protesters, in particular, accused the ruling coalition of Lebanon of corruption and demanded early elections and an independent investigation into the August 4 explosion in the Beirut port, which killed more than 150 people and destroyed much of the capital's infrastructure.

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