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Unique filter kills coronavirus in seconds

A group of researchers at the University of Houston, reports The Weather Network , has developed an air filter that can capture and instantly kill the coronavirus. Laboratory experiments showed: the filter killed 99.8% of the viral elements at a time. The same filter destroyed 99.9% of anthrax spores.
Unique filter kills coronavirus in seconds

The filter is based on nickel foam, heated to more than 200 degrees Celsius. Since coronavirus does not survive a threshold of 70 degrees Celsius, scientists have relied on a heated filter. Foam perfectly breathable, flexible and easy to heat. If you connect the foam to the wires, you can raise the temperature to 250 degrees.

The developers hope to introduce this filter into the air conditioning and heating systems of buildings and aircraft. True, they admit: a filter alone will not be enough to completely defeat the virus. However, it is able to reduce the concentration of the circulating virus in confined spaces.

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