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Two passenger trains collided in the Czech Republic: there are dead, dozens of wounded


In the Czech Republic near the village of Pernink in the Karlovy Vary Region on July 7, a head-on collision of two passenger trains occurred. As a result of the incident, at least three people were killed and about 30 injured. Of these, nine are in serious condition.

One train was heading to Karlovy Vary from German Johannorgenstadt, and the second was traveling in the same direction D3 in the opposite direction. In the area of ​​the station in Perninka, both lines intersect, and one of the trains must stop in order to let the other through.

“One of the drivers sat on the mound at the rails and repeated:“ What have I done, what have I done ... ”He sobbed, covering his head with his hands,” a local resident told Novinky who helped transport the wounded on ATVs from the scene of the accident in hospital.

The accident occurred in hard-to-reach mountainous terrain, where there are steep slopes on both sides of the railway section, this complicated the work of rescuers.

Czech television citing rescuers reports at least three victims. However, the representative of the joint corps of rescuers and firefighters Martin Kasal confirmed the death of only two people.

Ambulance helicopters were sent to the scene. A trauma plan has been announced at a hospital in Karlovy Vary, which is introduced when a large number of victims are expected.

Czech Transport Minister Karel Gavlicek has already stated that the human factor was most likely the cause of the crash. The train driver for Karlovy Vary has already been detained.

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