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The history of the emergence of mankind has been revised

The history of the emergence of mankind has been revised
Archaeologists have found that people settled in Mexico 15 thousand years earlier than the hypothetical date of the appearance of man in America. The discovery, which forces scientists to rethink the history of mankind, is reported in an article published in the journal Nature.

Experts have discovered the site of ancient Homo sapiens in the Chiquihuite Cave, located in the highlands in northern Mexico. Two thousand stone tools 25-30 thousand years old were found, which casts doubt on the generally accepted hypothesis that the archaeological culture of Clovis (13-12 thousand years ago) was the very first culture in America.

According to scientists, people did not constantly occupy the cave, but used it as a winter shelter or as a hunting base during the migration period. Archaeologists do not yet know what kind of people they were, where they came from, however, it is believed that before the advent of the Clovis culture, people repeatedly made unsuccessful attempts at colonization, which left no genetic traces in the modern population.

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