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Thailand has suspended the entry of foreign diplomats

The authorities took the decision after the incident with the daughter of a Sudanese diplomat.

BANGKOK, July 14. The Thai government has temporarily barred foreign diplomats and businessmen from entering when a coronavirus was detected at the daughter of an employee of the Sudanese embassy from Khartoum to Bangkok. This was announced on Tuesday by the press secretary of the center for the fight against coronavirus in the country Thavisin Visanuyotkhin.

According to him, "the arrival in Thailand of privileged foreigners, who are invited by the government, business representatives for a short period of time under special agreements, as well as diplomats and their families, has been suspended." The rules for certain categories of foreign citizens arriving in the kingdom, including those who do not need to undergo a two-week quarantine, came into force on July 1. Visanuyotkhin explained that in the future "state quarantine for diplomats will be carried out in special hotels instead of isolation in embassies." These rules have already begun to operate on an interim basis, "he added.

The decision of the center to temporarily suspend the entry of certain categories of foreigners followed after the story of the nine-year-old daughter of a Sudanese diplomat. On July 7, his family received a certificate in the absence of a coronavirus for traveling to Thailand on July 10 at a hospital in Sudan. Upon arrival in the kingdom, the child showed no symptoms similar to coronavirus, however, tests taken showed the presence of infection, after which the girl from the One X condominium, where the whole family stayed, was sent to the hospital. The next day, the child was diagnosed with pneumonia, and the family moved to the Sudanese embassy.

The administration of the house where the Sudanese were during the day, reported on the disinfection of the premises. According to Visanuyotkhin, 70% of the residents of the condominium, which employs about 200 of 329 apartments, are foreigners. About 50% of people wore masks while using elevators. According to preliminary information, dozens of people who contacted the girl are at risk: her parents, younger sister, drivers of three cars and an employee of the Sudanese embassy, ​​as well as 15 people who used the same elevator.

However, all residents of One X have already been tested for coronavirus after the incident and are awaiting test results. The center for the fight against coronavirus in the country noted that the same flight from Sudan returned 245 Thai citizens who are now in 14-day quarantine.

In Thailand, the first case of coronavirus infection was detected on January 13. To date, the total number of people infected in the kingdom has exceeded 3.2 thousand, more than 3 thousand people have been cured, 58 have died. Since May 26, no cases of transmission of infection within the country have been recorded.

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