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South Korean police began searching for the missing mayor of Seoul. He left home, leaving a note similar to a testament to his family

South Korean police search Seoul Mayor Park Won-sun after daughter claims to have disappeared.

The 64-year-old mayor was reported missing after his daughter filed a police report at 17:17 (11:17 Moscow time), reporting that her father "left home four to five hours ago, leaving words, like a will, and his phone is currently off. "

Police began a large-scale search using drones and police dogs, according to the South Korean newspaper The Korea Herald . The mayor’s last mobile phone signal was recorded in northeast Seoul, near the Gilsangs Temple, located in Sonbuk Dong. The park next to the temple is considered one of the best places in the city for relaxing walks.

Seoul City Administration previously reported that one of the mayor’s meetings, which was due to take place at 16:40, was canceled due to “unavoidable circumstances.” According to the administration, Park Won Song did not go to work today due to poor health.

Recently, Seoul is experiencing the emergence of a number of local foci of the coronavirus, which was even called the "second wave" of COVID-19. The mayor of the city from the very beginning of the epidemic coped with the increased volume of work, and after spreading the virus in clubs and bars in Itaewon district in Seoul even held daily briefings. Park Won Song was born in 1956 and became mayor of Seoul in 2011.

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