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Polish opposition demanded invalidation of presidential election

The opposition of Poland on Thursday filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court demanding to invalidate the presidential elections in the country, where the current head of state Andrzej Duda won with a slight advantage, European media reported.

“We demanded that these elections be declared invalid,” Boris Budka, the leader of the opposition platform Civic Platform, whose candidate lost to Duda, told reporters. He also noted that the elections were not fair

The Supreme Court of Poland must decide on the claim before August 3.

Andrzej Duda won the second round of presidential elections in Poland on Sunday. More than 51% of voters supported his candidacy, while almost 49% voted for his rival, the representative of the opposition Civil Platform, Rafal Tshaskovsky.

After the victory in the elections, the Russian prankers Vovan and Lexus (Vladimir Kuznetsov and Aleksey Stolyarov) called Dude. They congratulated the president on behalf of the UN Secretary General, António Guterres. According to the head of Poland, he quickly realized that he was being played.

“During the conversation, I decided that something was wrong. The Secretary General does not pronounce the word“ cramming ”so well, even though the voice was very similar,” Duda wrote on his Twitter account.

Vovan and Lexus posted the conversation on their YouTube channel. During a conversation with the Polish president, the prankers raised the issue of World War II. Duda said that “ we have a discussion about history with Mr. Putin, he accused us of starting the Second World War in Poland.” At the same time, the Polish president emphasized that Russia, although it had made a significant contribution to the victory over fascism, occupied Poland.

In response, the UN Secretary General recalled Lviv, once a Polish city that became part of Ukraine. “These are different things in understanding history. It was a friendly gift, and the Russians were engaged in occupation,” Duda objected.

After that, the "general secretary" suggested that the Polish president take Lviv and other cities back. Duda asked several times what his interlocutor had in mind, and then indignantly exclaimed: “No, this is Ukraine! No, no, no, no, no discussions about this in Poland, now it is part of Ukraine and that’s the point. No, no, no "

Later, the prankers promised to tell the Polish secret services about how they were able to phone the head of state. “Let them call us and we will inform them about it,” Kuznetsov said.

According to the RMF FM radio station, the Polish secret services will check the conversation of Russian prankers on behalf of UN Secretary General Antoni Guterres with Duda. In addition, an internal investigation was conducted by the Polish Foreign Ministry. As a result, "with respect to two employees of the Permanent Mission of Poland to the United Nations in New York, official consequences ensued - they were recalled from the institution (permanent mission)."

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs notes that it does not provide detailed information "due to the nature of this case."

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