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In the US, they demanded that thousands of foreign students leave the country when transferring to online education

The United States demanded that foreign students leave the country if classes at their university from the new school year are fully translated into the online format amid the coronavirus pandemic. This was reported by the press service of the Immigration and Customs Police.

The new rules will apply to students who have arrived in the country on visas such as M-1 and F-1. These visas can be used by more than a million students. According to the Institute for Migration Policy, in 2018 there were about 1.2 million students with such visas. They were educated in more than 8700 institutions across the country.

If the university switches to distance learning, the new entry documents will not be extended to students. To legally stay in the country, students were offered to transfer to those universities where classes are at least partially held in person. However, the danger of coronavirus has not passed, and in autumn the epidemiological situation may worsen. In this case, many universities that still work in full-time with students may refuse such classes.

If students do not comply with the requirements of the authorities, they face deportation. “Otherwise, they may face immigration consequences up to expulsion from the country,” the Immigration and Customs Police warned.

According to CNN , this decision can affect thousands of students. Among them are Harvard students, since the university, against the background of the spread of coronavirus, has completely switched to distance learning. The American Board of Education criticized the idea of ​​the Immigration and Customs PoliceAccording to the vice president of the board, Brad Farnsworth, the innovation will lead to confusion. He noted that some students simply will not be able to leave the United States and will be in a hopeless situation, as several countries closed their borders during the pandemic.

Подробнее: https://www.newsru.com/world/07jul2020/studvisaus.html

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