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In the US, the merger of the two chip manufacturers will create a company worth $ 68 billion

NEW YORK, July 13. The American manufacturer of microchips, semiconductor devices and various electronic equipment Analog Devices intends to buy the competing corporation Maxim Integrated. The cost of the combined company will exceed $ 68 billion, according to a statement by Analog Devices, released on Monday.

As follows from the document, the companies "reached final agreements" regarding this transaction. It is approved by the boards of Analog Devices and Maxim Integrated. Shareholders of the first will receive approximately 69% of the securities of the combined company, the second - approximately 31%.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Analog Devices will provide Maxim Integrated securities worth more than $ 20 billion. This will be "one of the largest mergers this year," the publication notes. On Friday, the cost of Maxim Integrated was estimated at about $ 17 billion. According to the newspaper, the companies have been consulting about this deal for several years.

The head office of Analog Devices is located in the US city of Norwood, Massachusetts. Maxim Integrated is based in San Jose, California.

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