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In Iran, court agrees to review death sentence for three rioters

Against the backdrop of a public campaign against execution, an Iranian court agreed to send for review a death sentence for three people who participated in the riots in November 2019, TASS reports citing a joint statement by the defendants' lawyers, the text of which is quoted on Sunday by ISNA.

"We hope to change the initial verdict, and in accordance with article 474, we submitted a request to the chairman of the Supreme Court. Fortunately, this request was accepted and the case was referred for reconsideration to one of the divisions of the Supreme Court," the statement said.

It is also noted that "currently the execution of the death sentence in respect of the defendants is suspended until a final verdict in this case is issued."

On July 14, Iranian Supreme Court spokesman Golyam Hossein Ismayili announced that three people involved in the riots in November 2019 were sentenced to death in Iran. According to him, "this sentence was approved by the Supreme Court after the appeal of the accused and their lawyers."

After that, a “no need to execute” campaign was launched on social networks among Iranian users. Over the course of several days, several million users posted the relevant entries on their pages in protest of the verdict.

On November 15, 2019, a government order came into force in Iran to raise gas prices to 30 thousand riyals (about $ 0.2) per liter, which actually meant a threefold increase in the cost of fuel. After this decision, protests took place in a number of cities, which grew into clashes with the police.

Demonstrators set fire to the offices of banks and gas stations. Riots were noted in hundreds of settlements of the country. According to official figures, during the protests in Iran in November 2019, 230 people were killed.

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