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Germany convicted 92-year-old concentration camp guard

Germany convicted 92-year-old concentration camp guard

The Hamburg Regional Court sentenced 92-year-old Bruno D., a former guard at the Stutthof concentration camp, to a two-year suspended prison sentence for aiding in the murder of prisoners. Deutsche Welle reports.

The man is believed to be involved in the murder of more than five thousand people and the attempted murder of another. The prosecutor stated that Bruno D. should have refused to serve in the concentration camp because he knew where he was going. The prosecution demanded that he be sentenced to three years in prison.

In his final remarks, the defendant, who was brought to the hearing in a wheelchair, apologized for his atrocities. At the same time, the elderly man did not admit that he worked in a concentration camp voluntarily. According to him, at first he tried to stay away from the Nazis, but in the end, at the age of 17, he came to the SS due to heart disease: the disease meant that he was only suitable for garrison service.

Bruno D. worked as a security guard for eight and a half months - from August 9, 1944 to April 26, 1945. During this time, as the investigation found out , at least 5230 people were killed in the camp. They died both in gas chambers and from disease, starvation or torture.

The Nazi concentration camp Stutthof was established in occupied Poland east of Danzig (Gdansk) in 1939. It originally worked as a prison for the civilian population. Known for conducting medical experiments on prisoners and producing soap from human remains. During the existence of Stutthof, about 110 thousand prisoners passed through it, of which about 65 thousand died.

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