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FBI accuses Chinese consulate of harboring army-linked biologist

The FBI caught the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco harboring a Chinese biologist who turned out to be associated with the PRC army. On Thursday, July 23, CNN reports .

According to investigators, biologist Tang Huan, who entered the United States last fall to conduct research at the University of California at Davis, did not indicate in her visa application that she was related to the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA). The FBI later found photographs of a woman on the Internet, in which she was captured in military uniform. As it turned out, Tang Huan was a research assistant at the Chinese Air Force Medical University and was in fact still in the service.

On June 20, the scientist was invited for interrogation by the FBI. At the same time, the woman, in a conversation with investigators, continued to insist that she had nothing to do with the PLA, and was forced to wear a military uniform according to the rules of the university where she worked. However, CNN notes, during a search of Tang's residence, the FBI allegedly managed to find a number of pieces of evidence proving the woman's connection with the Chinese military.

On June 26, the Chinese woman was charged with visa fraud, but by then the woman had fled. According to investigators, the scientist is currently on the premises of the PRC consulate in San Francisco, where she asked for asylum.

In addition to Tang, prosecutors in charge of the case explained to CNN, the Chinese military also used other scientists, sending them to the United States, ostensibly for scientific work. Their real goal was to steal information of value to the PLA. At the moment, the prosecutors noted, they have evidence of at least one fact of theft or copying of information from American institutions by scientists who came from China. In addition, the supervisory agency believes that the Chinese authorities are coordinating the activities of scientists from the PRC in the United States and are providing them with all possible assistance in returning to their homeland after the scientist Wang Xin was detained at the Los Angeles airport in early June - he was also accused of visa fraud.

Earlier it was reported that the US intelligence services accused the Chinese Consulate General in the city of Houston of trying to steal American medical developments. In their opinion, the Chinese diplomatic mission allegedly played the role of "a high-tech communications center for coordinating and carrying out operations in the intelligence sphere."

On July 22, the United States demanded that China close the Consulate General in Houston within 72 hours. This decision was explained by the need to protect American intellectual property. After that, US President Donald Trump allowed the closure of other Chinese consulates in the country. In response, the Chinese authorities thought about stopping the work of the US Consulate General in Chengdu.

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