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EU tightens sanctions for arms supplies to Libya

The community noted that toughening is necessary to better implement the UN Security Council resolution and increase the effectiveness of the naval operation to monitor compliance with the embargo.
BRUSSELS, July 13.  The EU Council intends to tighten sanctions imposed to ensure tighter compliance with the UN embargo on arms supplies to Libya. This was announced on Monday by EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrel, at a press conference following a meeting of EU foreign ministers.

"We are seeing gross violations of the arms embargo (to Libya - hereinafter TASS comment). We intend to tighten the sanctions regime to better implement the UN Security Council resolution and improve the efficiency of our naval operation Irini (compliance control embargo), "he said.

Borrel also said that the European Union demanded that Turkey comply with restrictions on the supply of arms to Libya and warned of an intention to intensify its naval operation to monitor the implementation of the embargo. 

"The EU Council called on Turkey to comply with its obligations to comply with the arms embargo on Libya. The EU will continue to carry out the Irini operation to monitor the observance of the embargo by all players. The EU intends to maximize the effectiveness of the operation, also striving to avoid any escalation in the region," said Borrel

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