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California authorities open antitrust investigation against Google

Знак Google

The authorities of the U.S. state of California opened an antitrust investigation against Google. On Thursday, citing sources, the newspaper Politico reported.

According to her, the investigative measures are not related to the investigation launched against Google in September 2019 by a commission of prosecutors from 48 US states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. California, as well as Alabama, did not join this initiative.

According to Politico, it is not yet clear which particular aspects of the corporation's activity aroused suspicion among the California authorities.

In late June, the newspaper reported that the US Department of Justice is expected to file a lawsuit against Google within a few months. According to the publication, the company is accused of violating antitrust laws in the areas of search and advertising on the Internet. Politico notes that if the lawsuit is filed, it will be about the “first significant trial in decades” regarding a violation of antitrust laws that the US Department of Justice will hold against a large US company.

According to the publication, the agency last started a similar process in the late 1990s with respect to Microsoft. She then lost the court, but later reached an agreement with the authorities.

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