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Bubonic plague discovered in Denver (Colorado)

The city, located west of Denver, has become a new point on the map, where the bubonic plague is recorded. It was revealed in a dead squirrel. In this regard, doctors forbade local residents from contacting these animals. Also of concern is the fact that cats are very susceptible to infection.

According to scientists, the infection can be caught from flea bites, scratches, bites, or as a result of eating a rodent. As for dogs, they also become infected with plague, and they are also often carriers of fleas, News.com.au reports .

Symptomatically, the plague resembles the flu in the early stages of development, which makes diagnosis difficult. Fever, chills, headache, nausea and pain in the lymph nodes appear (occurs between several days and a week after contact). Recall: this month, the authorities of Inner Mongolia reported a bubonic plague.

Now hunting and eating animals that are potential carriers of the disease are prohibited here. No plague vaccine exists. To date, cases of bubonic plague infection are recorded in rural areas in the Western United States, Asia and Africa.

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