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American engineers assembled a miniature wearable camera for beetles (VIDEO)

A group of engineers from the University of Washington has created a miniature wireless camera that can be installed on special insect-like robots or on the insects themselves, including beetles.

American engineers assembled a miniature wearable camera for beetles (VIDEO)

The total mass of the system, including the mobile unit of the camera, two boards, an accelerometer, and a Bluetooth transceiver, is 248 milligrams, and the battery used in the experiments weighs another 450 milligrams. The piezoelectric actuator on which the camera is mounted allows you to deflect the lens by 30 degrees in each direction.

In the course of work on the project, the researchers mounted the camera on black beetles, which were then released in the laboratory. The camera reacted to movement and shot black and white frames with a resolution of 160 * 120 pixels with a frequency of up to five frames per second. The camera image was broadcast to a smartphone from a distance of 120 meters, and its battery life ranged from two to six hours. Also, engineers designed a three-legged robot weighing 2.8 grams and installed a miniature camera on it. These tests were also successful.

The creators of the camera expect that the development can find application both in biology and in the field of environmental monitoring. Engineers believe that in the future, advanced cameras will consume less power, and they will have enough solar panels to power them instead of a relatively heavy battery.

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